Fabulyss Boutique LLC was created while I was in college after being sexually harassed by a staff member on campus. After reporting it to my college, I thought I would feel safe however, this was not the case. Not only did they give the staff member my name and informed him that I reported him, the school still allowed him to work on campus. Coincidentally, within the same week of my report, my car was broken into and I was robbed. At this point, I knew I needed some form of self defense.

When searching, I could only ever find small things like pepper spray or safety whistles. That’s when I had the idea of self defense keychains that includes multiple self defense tools all on one keychain. I know my story is extremely common and millions of women can relate to it in some way. The goal of Fabulyss Boutique is to empower women through our self defense keychains.